Sheet Metal Fabrication

We provide sheet metal fabrication services to deliver custom and standard enclosures and assemblies. Utilizing state-of-the-industry equipment and a newly launched fabrication facility, we deliver precision sheet metal fabrication processes, from bending to forming. We use the highest grade materials possible and do all of the machine work ourselves, right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Custom Fabrication

Our dedicated fabricating division provides metal fabrication to businesses of all sizes. This division engineers, prototypes and fabricates precision sheet metal components to the most precise specifications for the most demanding companies. Fabricating capabilities include punching, forming, perforating, welding, laser cutting, light stamping, custom tooling and shearing.

We do small and large production runs, and can assist you with the design and development of prototypes for larger projects. Our first-article inspection process lets us determine that the quality and specifications of your component are met before we undertake the final production run.

Forming & Bending

We have state-of-the-art press brakes that meet product requirements while providing customers with high-quality, precision forming of material ranging from the very wide to the very tall and everything in between. While we have a large library of tools to meet most forming requirements, we can develop custom tooling to meet your design needs. With multiple machines, hundreds of tools and the experience you need on your project, we can handle essentially any forming/bending request.

Spiral Pipe, Exhaust & HVAC Ductwork

Whether you are looking for sheet metal HVAC ductwork, spiral pipe and exhaust fabrication options or more customized duct fabrication services, our team of experts is ready to find the solution for you! With a focus on delivering high quality products built exactly to the specifications of our customers, we have a history of solving problems and leaving our customers satisfied.

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