Electrical Contracting Services

Count on TRM Services’ highly-trained electricians to respond promptly, properly diagnose any and all electrical problems, and execute the highest-quality installation and repair solutions.

From individual outlets and switches, all the way to new equipment installations, and even full-panel or facility-wide electrical upgrades, make one call, and we can handle it all.

TRM offers a range of commercial & industrial services, as well as preventative maintenance programs.

Data Networks & Low-Voltage Wiring

In addition to traditional phone and fax lines, today’s interconnected audio/visual systems, plus data and network lines are a necessity for offices and conference rooms, call centers, manufacturers, and a range of residential and industrial facilities.

TRM Services also specializes in these types of networking and low-voltage wiring services, everything from initial consultation to customized installation, and of course, 24/7 repairs and comprehensive service to keep your network and communication systems up and running for maximum reliability.

Lightning & Surge Protection

Call on TRM Services to design and install adequate lightning and surge protection for outside supply cables, inside your facility’s panels and breaker boxes, and even for individual outlets, equipment, and machinery.

Careful design and proper installation of lightning and surge protection can safeguard your facility and prevent damage to wiring and electrical systems, and even fire.

Backup & Emergency Power Solutions

The installation of battery backups, generators, or other emergency power solutions can protect vital data and IT infrastructure, and ensure key mechanical, HVAC, refrigeration, and industrial systems remain operational even if the main power to your facility is lost.

So stay one step ahead of threats like weather, power surges, and power loss by having our team design, install, and service a backup solution that’s personalized for your precise needs and budget.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your electrical panel and sub-panel(s) are at the heart of your facility’s electrical function, ensuring that power is distributed properly where—and when—it’s needed. As your facility grows, however, or begins housing more people, technology, and/or equipment, your power needs change, and so, too, should your electrical panel.

TRM Services’ experienced engineers and electricians provide consultation, repairs, and troubleshooting, and can also design and install customized solutions to upgrade your panel infrastructure and better serve your facility’s electrical needs.

Emergency Electrical Repair

Experiencing an outage or electrical malfunction? Whether related to wiring, circuitry, fuses, or any number of other culprits, our electrical teams respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to restore function and get your facilities, lighting, and equipment running at full power…fast.

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