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Tenant Improvements Services

tennant improvement services

Tenant Improvements Services By Temp-Rite Electrical

Temp-Rite Electrical can also offer a number of services for tenant improvements. As a space has to be altered for residential or commercial tenants, so do the heating, cooling and ventilation needs for the space.

We can offer a suite of HVAC services, including all the necessary modifications, installations as well as regular maintenance connected to tenant improvements that you may need.

Tenant Improvement Projects Done Right

Part of any commercial lease – and certain residential leases – is the need for a tenant improvement, so that the tenant can utilize the space how they need to utilize it. This can be more than just merely painting the walls; tenant improvement projects can require construction before move-in, just after move-in, or at any point during their tenancy.

This is why so many commercial contracts include a landlord allowance, as it covers this precise requirement.

To keep tenants renting, tenant improvements also have to be done right. Saving a little money by cutting corners during tenant improvement construction may save a few dollars up front, but is likely to result in addressing the issue a second time – and this type of false economy is one of the risks a commercial landlord should avoid.

As a result, you need to hire tenant improvement contractors that are experienced, professional and are fully willing and able to deliver on a TI construction project. Temp-Rite Electrical is one of the most experienced HVAC and mechanical contractors in the area, and we can deliver the TI services you need. We can modify or construct the heating, cooling, mechanical or refrigeration system you need to meet your commercial tenant’s needs.

We also specialize in automation as well as energy conservation, to ensure efficient, environmentally-conscious and intuitive use.

Need To Stay Within A Tenant Improvement Allowance? We Will Work With You!

Temp-Rite Electrical also understands the need to stay within the tenant improvement allowance. Everything in business needs to stay within budget, and a leasehold improvement is no exception. We will work with you to ensure that your TI construction stays within the allotted budgetary constraints, without compromising the quality of the work or function of your tenant’s specific mechanical, heating and cooling needs.

We can work with you to meet your tenant buildout needs with respect to your commercial tenant allowance.
Services We Can Offer For Your Leasehold Improvements

Temp-Rite Electrical can offer you holistic services for your leasehold improvements, starting at the ground up and going from there. We can offer an initial consultation, planning, construction and also maintenance services after completing the buildout for your TI.

Our engineers are fully capable of designing your improvements for tenants from the ground up, and working with your leasehold improvement allowance. They can design modifications to existing systems, or engineer new systems to replace them to meet any and every specification needed.

Automation and energy savings for long-term cost management or environmental concerns can be built right into the design.

Additionally, we also can construct any mechanical or HVAC systems and install them. Controls, wiring, sheet metal, piping, refrigeration and all other fabrication for your tenant improvements can all be designed and installed by Temp-Rite Electrical.

We also offer general building services as well as maintenance services for your HVAC and mechanical systems once designed and installed. Just as some people only take their cars to factory dealerships for service, the same company that designed and installed your heating, cooling, refrigeration or mechanical systems can keep them in good running order as well. Our maintenance services includes regular inspections, regular preventative maintenance, repairs and every other post-installation service you might need.

Whether It’s Turn-Key Buildout Or Improvement To Existing Systems, Temp-Rite Electrical Can Do It

Temp-Rite Electrical is here to provide the tenant improvement services you need, whether it’s a turn-key buildout for a new tenant or an improvement to existing services for an established tenant. We are here to assist you in the tenant improvements that you need for your commercial or residential improvements that you need.

We can offer you our services at every stage in the process, from design to construction and installation to maintenance and services. Few other companies can offer you the suite of mechanical and HVAC services that Temp-Rite Electrical is able to. That’s why our customers prefer us to the competition.

Interested in an initial consultation for your tenant improvements? Contact us to schedule yours today!