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Low Voltage Wiring And Data Network Installation


data network installation services

Low Voltage Wiring And Data Network Installation Services by Temp Rite Mechanical

Temp-Rite Mechanical is able to offer a host of electrical services, including low-voltage wiring and data installation services. These types of wiring are typically reserved for specialty applications besides mere general electrical wiring, and as a result require different installation techniques.

Temp-Rite’s trained electricians can design, configure and install the custom low-voltage wiring infrastructure and data network that you need in your home, office or building in order to get your operation up and running.

What Is Low Voltage Wiring?

Some might wonder just what low-voltage wiring is. Contrary to what the term might suggest, it is not an energy-efficient wiring method. Instead, low-voltage wiring is wiring for lower-voltage applications than actual power. Most common is cabling and wiring for specific signals or data. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Data
  • Phone lines
  • Fax lines

There are others, but these are examples of low-voltage wiring. Audio and visual signals, just like the power that you plug into through the wall socket, are transmitted via electricity and are totally electrical energy, but are of much lower voltage and are also converted into audio or visual signals at the end of the signal chain. This could be a monitor, a sound system, a telephone, fax machine or any combination of these. Additionally, data cabling is a form of low-voltage wiring, be that data connections to a server or shared data system for cloud storage or shared drive usage, or ethernet cables to establish internet connections.

There are also low-voltage lighting applications, though these are generally reserved for outdoor lighting fixtures in the residential sector. Most lighting, including outdoor lighting, for businesses requires full-power applications, especially parking lot lighting and event lighting.

Do I Need Low Voltage Wiring Installation?

If your office, tenement or building needs data, audio or visual capabilities beyond what your current space has, or will in the future, you will most likely need a low voltage wiring installation of some sort. If you are planning on expanding or altering office space for more workers, you will probably need additional data ports in addition to power outlets. Adding more workstations to your call center floor? That will require additional phone as well as data. Finally having a conference room built with full audio-visual capabilities as well as fax support? That will also require some low-voltage wiring.

Building an office from the ground up? You’re going to need a design consultation as well as cabling installation and set-up.

In short, if you have a need for audio, visual, data, phone or fax lines to be installed that consists of more than just hooking up a new unit to the wall…there’s a good chance low-voltage electrical work will be in your future.

Temp-Rite Can Install Your Low-Voltage Wiring For You

Temp-Rite Mechanical can offer full electrical services, including design, installation and servicing of all low voltage wiring systems, whether it’s an alteration, renovation or part of new construction. Our experienced electrical workers are able to deliver the audio, visual, data or phone support that you need in order to get your operation working at full capacity, as well as networking support.

We can also offer general facility services as well as general repairs, maintenance and HVAC and mechanical services in addition to these.

Call or contact us today for your low voltage wiring consultation!