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Lightning and Surge Protection Services

surge protection services

Temp-Rite Lightning and Surge Protection Services

Power surges are unavoidable, which is why business owners have to take steps in order to prevent massive damage from electrical surges, including lightning protection and other surge protection systems. There are a number of ways a surge can happen, but the effects are detrimental regardless of source.

To guard against surges, you need adequate surge protection. Temp-Rite Electrical is here to help you install the lightning and surge protection systems you need.

Why You Need Surge Protection

Electrical surges are a possibility within any electrical system, whether it’s within the typical residential home, a moderate to small retail business in a medium to small typical storefront, or a large business replete with manufacturing, maintenance and machine repair, and all admin and office staff contained under one roof, or anything else you can imagine. There is literally no electrical system that is free of surges.

There are a number of causes. One cause, the one that people fear most but oddly have to worry the least about in terms of probability of occurrence, is a lightning strike. A lightning that strikes power line, for instance, produces an enormous surge. This isn’t nearly as common, though, as the typical cause of electrical surges – namely, a large and sudden increase in net power usage.

Consider the typical home. Certain things run all the time – such as refrigerators and other appliances – but certain things do not. When a person turns on the washing machine, this creates a sudden demand for power. As more power enters the circuits, this can cause a surge and in a poorly-wired or poorly maintained home, damage to the wiring…if not a possible electrical fire.

This is a danger in any electrical system. To guard against it, surge protection systems have to be put in place in order to guard against the possible detrimental effects. This can include a surge arrester where the power lines meet your building, surge protectors at breaker boxes, and down to even at the outlet level. This safeguards your operation from harmful electrical surges from any source. Temp-Rite Electrical can help you, by designing, installing and maintaining the surge protection system you need to protect your home or business from lightning and other power surges.

Lightning Protection

Temp-Rite Electrical can install a lightning protection system that will keep a strike from causing catastrophic damage. Lightning is a form of the raw power of nature, and normal surge protection measures may not be sufficient to keep major electrical damage from occurring.

We can offer a full range of lightning protection services to you, including consultation and design of a lightning protection system, lightning surge protection installation and service and maintenance of the system once in place.

Our engineers and consultants will take everything into account to craft the lightning protection system suited to your unique situation and keep your home or business safe from lightning strikes.

Surge Protection Services

Temp-Rite Electrical can also offer the same range of surge protection services, including whole house surge protection for residences, and larger systems for businesses and tenements. We will start with your current electrical system, identify where surge protection systems are best deployed, and design a surge protection system to safeguard your electrical system for years to come.

We can also offer surge protection installation, service and maintenance.

Lightning protection and surge protection are vital pieces of equipment that can safeguard your home, tenement or business from electrical damage or electrical fires caused by surges. You can’t afford to not have it.

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