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Lighting Repair and Retrofit Service

light retrofit services

Lighting Repair and Energy-Efficient Lighting Retrofit Services By Temp-Rite Mechanical

Temp-Rite Mechanical is able to offer you lighting repair services, including regular maintenance, as well as energy-efficient lighting retrofit services so your lighting doesn’t have to consume nearly as much of your budget.

Temp-Rite is able to offer all manner of lighting repairs, including bulb replacement, lighting fixture repair or replacement, as well as rewiring and other services as needed. We can also retrofit any lighting fixtures with energy-efficient lighting options, from energy-efficient bulbs to green fixtures, in order to conserve power and produce less of an environmental footprint as well.

Lighting Repair Services By Temp-Rite Mechanical

Temp-Rite Mechanical can offer comprehensive lighting repair and lighting maintenance services for your commercial operation. This can include lighting services for small offices, large office buildings and call centers, industrial buildings, as well as indoor and outdoor lighting applications. The need for adequate lighting cannot be understated, especially in an industrial setting where visibility is critical for safety purposes.

In order to ensure adequate lighting, lighting fixtures of all types need to be kept in good running order, which Temp-Rite Mechanical is here to assist in. Whether you need regular bulb changes to ensure optimal light levels at all times or diagnostic lighting repairs for a fault, Temp-Rite’s staff of trained electrical technicians will respond to your lighting repair needs.

We can troubleshoot malfunctioning lighting, rewire lighting sources, install new lighting fixtures as needed or repair existing fixtures. We are also able to install new lighting controls as needed, should you desire to switch from convention switches to dimmers or motion-activated lighting. We can additionally offer parking lot lighting services and lighting installation during office construction as well.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Retrofit Services

Additionally, more businesses than ever are switching to energy-efficient lighting for a variety of reasons.

Some businesses are concerned with environmental impact and the moral aspects of power consumption. Energy-efficient lighting can not only employ environmentally-friendly materials, but also reduces power consumption and thus places less net demand on power generating infrastructure.

Additionally, energy-efficient lighting fixtures and energy efficient bulbs consume drastically less power than traditional fixtures and lighting sources. As a result, employing energy-efficient lighting solutions as opposed to traditional lighting will result in lower overall power consumption, and thus a lower overall power bill. An additional benefit is that efficient lighting sources and fixtures have longer service lives. It’s not uncommon to hear of energy efficient bulbs outlasting conventional light bulbs – even in a residential setting – by several times the length of a conventional incandescent bulb’s lifespan.

Efficient fixtures, such as dimmer-operated or motion-activated light fixtures, can lower power consumption even further.

Temp-Rite is able to take a comprehensive look at your company’s lighting infrastructure and design an energy efficient lighting system to fit your operation’s needs, whatever that may be. Temp-Rite Mechanical electrical services also include repair and maintenance of efficient lighting fixtures and systems, as well as preventative and regular maintenance.

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Temp-Rite Mechanical is able to offer the lighting repair or efficient lighting retrofit that your business needs. This can include general maintenance and repairs to troubleshooting and diagnostic repairs of lighting systems. We are also able to offer comprehensive energy efficient lighting retrofit, installation, maintenance and repair services as well.

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