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LED Parking Lot Lights And Maintenance

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LED Parking Lot Lights And Electrical Maintenance Services

Parking lot lighting, whether it’s the older designs or modern LED parking lot lights, are vital for employees, tenants, or customers in all seasons. They are a major piece of safety equipment in many respects. Adequate lighting not only makes the area visible but can also discourage the criminal element from victimizing people.

It is vital that a well-lit area be provided in low-light conditions.

Temp-Rite Electrical knows that parking lot lighting must be maintained, but is also improvable by employing the latest in lighting technology. We can offer a range of services for parking lot lights including regular maintenance, design and construction as well as an LED parking lot lights retrofit for property owners and managers that wish to upgrade their existing lighting for better visibility and energy efficiency.

Parking Lot Light Maintenance

One service that Temp-Rite Electrical is able to offer our customers is parking lot light maintenance. Having lighting is vital, but so is keeping that lighting in good working order. This includes regular maintenance as well as preventative maintenance and repairs as needed.

We can keep your parking lot lights lit. Since parking lot lighting is more complex and involves far more power than typical indoor lighting, having trained professionals performing parking lot lighting maintenance is an absolute must. Temp-Rite Electrical can provide these services to you, and at ultra-competitive rates.

We are here to regularly change bulbs, repair malfunctioning or broken lamps, and keep your parking area brightly illuminated.

LED Parking Lot Light Retrofit

Temp-Rite Electrical also specializes in offering LED parking lot light retrofit installation to business owners and property managers. This is one of the best investments you can make in lighting systems, as this type of lighting fixture – in any setting – offers advantages that incandescent lighting just isn’t able to compete with.

Incandescent lighting is favored because of what is believed to be lower cost. However, incandescent bulbs of any specification have short lifespans and don’t offer the brightest of lighting. LED lighting, on the other hand, is crisper, whiter light and the bulbs themselves outlast incandescent bulbs by a wide margin.

LED parking lot light retrofits pay for themselves. Results vary due to the exact specifications of each lighting system as a whole, but LED lighting systems often yield the following benefits:

  • Longer bulb life. In some cases, LED bulbs can have triple the service life.
  • Reduced power consumption. LED fixtures consume less power, sometimes half or less that of comparable lighting fixtures.
  • Reduced maintenance costs. An LED retrofit can cut maintenance requirements in half…or more.
  • Environmentally conscious. LED systems are less wasteful, more economical, and produce less net drain on power grids, making them environmentally AND economically sound.

An LED parking lot light retrofit can pay for itself in the span of a few years, as well as producing more brilliant lighting. This not only improves the lighted appearance of your lot, but also increases safety and security for you, your tenants and/or your customers.

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Parking lot light services is just one of the many services that Temp-Rite Electrical can offer you, but we can offer multiple services for your parking lot lighting requirements. Our technicians are able to provide regular maintenance, performing repairs and preventative maintenance on fixtures to keep them running at peak efficiency and capacity, changing any bulbs that need to be done, or troubleshooting any issues that arise.

Your existing lighting can be entrusted to Temp-Rite Electrical to be kept up and running, keeping your property well-lit at all times throughout the year.

We can also offer the parking lot lighting retrofit that you need. We are willing to work with you to arrive at the optimal solution for your parking lot lighting retrofit that suits all of your needs, as well as designing and installing an LED lighting system. This will save you electricity costs, maintenance costs, and keep your property better lit than any other type of conventional lighting system available. It is an investment that will pay for itself, and provide better lighting than you may have thought possible from an outdoor lighting system.

Call or contact us today to schedule your parking lot light maintenance services or retrofit consultation!