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Emergency Repair Services

emergency electircal repair services

Temp-Rite Electrical Emergency Repair Services

The need for an emergency repair doesn’t present itself at a convenient time – otherwise it wouldn’t be an emergency. Things break, stop working or begin malfunctioning whenever they do, and unfortunately it doesn’t always occur during office hours.

You sometimes need emergency repair services. Temp-Rite Electrical is here to offer the emergency repair services you need for your home, tenement or business and at any time. Our emergency service technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be en route on short notice to render the assistance you need to get your home, office or tenant building back in running order. Here are just some of the emergency services Temp Rite Mechanical can offer you.

  • Emergency AC Repair

One of our specialties is heating, cooling and HVAC services, including design, installation, maintenance as well as emergency AC services or heating services. Cooling systems are complex and can malfunction or cease working altogether for a variety of reasons.

Temp-Rite Electrical can send a trained heating, cooling and HVAC specialist to you, in order to diagnose and deliver the emergency air conditioning repair your air conditioning system needs and keep the cool air flowing. Whether during the heat of the day or during those hot summer nights, we are here for you.

  • Emergency Furnace Repair

Since heating, cooling and HVAC is one of our core areas, we can also deliver emergency furnace repair services. Furnace heating is far from antiquated and in fact is one of the best heating methods yet devised for heating homes or buildings, especially multi-level structures.

We can diagnose your furnace issues, perform the necessary repairs and get it relit and delivering the heat to your home, office or tenement at any time.

  • Emergency HVAC Repair

HVAC systems are vital, as heating, ventilation and air condition make spaces livable, and Temp-Rite Electrical is here to offer any and all necessary emergency HVAC repair services available. We can be reached at any time to ensure adequate airflow, electrical operation of HVAC systems, temperature regulation, as well as restoring function of any heating or air conditioning to full capacity.

  • Emergency Facility Maintenance

Temp-Rite Electrical can also offer emergency facility repairs at a moment’s notice. We are available to perform the necessary repairs to your facility and general equipment alongside HVAC equipment, so that your operation doesn’t have to suffer just because of a setback.

  • Refrigeration Repairs

Our commercial customers have included a number of facilities requiring extensive refrigeration, and we can offer refrigeration repairs in addition to HVAC services. This can include any type of facility that requires refrigeration, including medical facilities, commercial grocers, restaurants and other types of commercial kitchens.

  • Automation Repair

A critical element to many operations is automation, including both mechanical automation and automation of environmental equipment. When these systems malfunction, it can result in a critical loss of operations and productivity, which means these systems need to be brought back online in quick order.

Temp-Rite’s trained technicians can be onsite in a matter of minutes in some cases. We can offer diagnostics, troubleshooting, testing, repairs and after the emergency automation repair has been performed, regular maintenance to your automation systems if desired to ensure they stay in working order.

Call Us Day Or Night, Any Day Of The Week

Unlike many other automation, HVAC and mechanical service companies, Temp-Rite Electrical can offer emergency services outside of office hours, and our trained technicians are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in order to render the repair services you need to keep your facility, home, office or building running as it should. Should you desire, we can also offer you regular maintenance services as well, including preventative maintenance and upkeep to ensure your mechanical systems stay running for years to come.

Use our Contact Us form to get in touch with Temp-Rite Electrical to schedule your regular facility maintenance or call us anytime at 866-343-3046 for regular or emergency repair services.