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Electrical Panel Upgrade Services


Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical Sub-Panel and Electrical Panel Upgrade Services by Temp-Rite

As power usage and needs change, electrical sub-panel and electrical panel upgrade services are needed. One of the most important parts of electrical systems is electrical panel and electrical sub-panel systems. Panel systems house breakers and fuses, ensuring power is correctly and adequately distributed to circuits and also protects against surges, overloads and other electrical issues with the fuses and breakers.

As power needs change, and circuits are added or modified as a home, office or other facility has additional or different equipment installed, this can change what is needed from an electrical panel or sub-panel. As a result, electrical panel upgrade services are needed.

Temp-Rite Mechanical can provide the electrical panel upgrade services and sub-panel upgrades that your business needs. We can design, install and service the panel that you need to ensure continuous and safe operation can continue.

Why Would I Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade?

There are a number of good reasons to consider an electrical panel upgrade or sub-panel upgrade. For instance, adding new equipment or additional offices or workstations create additional power needs that may require an upgrade to electrical panels or subpanels. Additionally, there may be signs that your existing panels or subpanels are taxed close to or beyond their capabilities. For instance, you could be due for an upgrade if you notice the following signs:

  • Every panel space is occupied by a breaker
  • Breakers are constantly tripping
  • Fuses blow regularly
  • Lights flicker when air conditioning or other equipment turns on
  • More outlets will be needed soon
  • You’re using extension cords because you have too few outlets
  • You need or will need 240V circuits

These are all signs and indications that power demands have exceeded or will exceed current panel or sub-panel capabilities. In these instances, a panel upgrade or subpanel upgrade is one of the best courses of action, as this can ensure that electrical code is adhered to, power is not interrupted and that operations can continue safely.

How Can Temp-Rite Help Me Upgrade Electrical Panels?

Temp Rite Mechanical has trained engineers and electricians on staff that are able to help upgrade any panel system for any office, building or facility to the precise specifications that might be needed. We are able to render panel services in all phases of panel upgrades. We can offer the following services for your panel upgrade:

  • Consultation
  • Engineering and design
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosis of issues
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs

Every phase prior to and post-installation, as well as electrical panel installations themselves, are offered by Temp-Rite Mechanical. Our trained engineers and electricians are able to consult with you in order to discern just what your business or building’s electrical needs are or will be, if new construction or equipment in the offing. We are able to offer electrical panel and subpanel design services, and design the electrical panel and electrical subpanel system that will keep your operation running safely, smoothly and without power interruption. There are few things as frustrating as constantly losing power due to tripped breakers or blown fuses. The prime suspect in these issues are inadequate panel or subpanel systems.

We are also able to perform electrical sub-panel installation and electrical panel installation. We will ensure all panels are up to code and working, as well as troubleshoot and diagnose any issues once panels are installed. Troubleshooting electrical panels that are already in service as well as diagnosing any issues is also within our service capabilities.

Temp-Rite Mechanical is also able to offer repair and general servicing of electrical panel systems once installed as well. After all, If you must rely on an electrical panel system, who better to trust with its maintenance than those who installed it?

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If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, or if you have a major upgrade or installation coming up that may require additions, alterations or upgrading of electrical panels or sub-panels, contact Temp-Rite Mechanical for your initial consultation. We can provide every panel service you might require, from consultation to design, installation and servicing.