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Design-Build Services


design build servicesDesign-Build Services by Temp-Rite Mechanical

Temp-Rite Mechanical can offer the residential homeowner, business tenement or residential rental property owner and manager, or the business owner a variety of services for new or renovative construction, including design-build services. Design-build construction is a modern, improved workflow for construction projects that saves both time and construction budget funds, resulting in faster completion and lower costs for all involved.

Temp-Rite is one of the leading design-build firms in the Pacific Northwest, and can offer design-build services in all phases from initial consultation to post-construction, and general maintenance services after post-construction is completed.

What Is Design-Build Construction?

Design-build construction like the services Temp-Rite offers is a construction workflow system that streamlines the typical process, resulting in greater efficiency and all of the benefits that it yields. The difference between typical construction service providers and design-build services is that design-build firms have all services in-house, which leads to faster completion, far less of the problems that typically occur and deliver projects at or under budget with greater reliability.

Typical construction involves the owner dealing with two principal entities: contractors (builders) and designers, typically architects or interior designers. (Interior designers are licensed architectural professionals specializing in design of interior space, and are often – but falsely – conflated with “interior decorators.”) The owner seeks bids from both, both of whom usually employ their own subcontractors and subconsultants.

Conflicts often arise between both parties, and each blames the other for delays and cost overruns.

Design-build construction, however, is where one company has both designers and builders under one roof, though subcontractors and consultants are often employed by design-build firms. Design and building are done collaboratively and the owner has a single point of contact for both – no need to chase down one or the other for a meeting where both are required.

As a result, the typical conflicts are avoided and both design AND construction are done soundly and efficiently under a unified banner. Delays can be avoided and potential cost-overruns, design or construction changes can be approached and implemented by a team that has the single goal of delivering the construction project you need.

How A Design-Build Project Works

The typical workflow for a design-build project is a 5 phase process:

  • Select A Design-Build Firm
  • Initial Assessment and Pre-Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Construction
  • Post-Construction

However, the key difference between this and other construction methods is that phases overlap, avoiding delays that would otherwise arise from the design contractor having to wait for the construction contractor or vice versa. All efforts take place with a goal-oriented, team-based approach that streamlines design and construction to ensure that all phases are executed as smoothly as possible.

Why Design-Build?

Why should you consider a design-build approach to your construction project?

It might be surmised that using separate contractors for design and construction allows for greater control over bidding, and thus managing final costs as increased competition in the bidding phase means two entities are trying to bring the price lower instead of just one.

After all, architectural and design firms as well as construction contractors are professionals and can work together, and deliver the project on-time and under budget.

On paper it may be feasible. In the real world, fortuitous unfolding of events are not commonplace however. Design and construction teams can find themselves at odds, and then you have two service providers trying to see to their own interests in the project as a whole. Furthermore, design and construction teams have to arrive at solutions when problems arise, which can be difficult when construction teams and designers are working on multiple projects for multiple businesses at once.

Design-build firms, however, eliminate these problems. Instead of two entities that at times find themselves across purposes, a design-build firm works as a whole to arrive at solutions and implement them, virtually eliminated conflicts and delays. This has the added benefit of reducing final costs.

Lastly, as you are dealing with a single entity, you have a reliable point of contact and you know precisely where the buck stops.

What Temp-Rite Can Bring To Your Design-Build Project

If you’re seeking a firm to undertake your design-build project, Temp-Rite Mechanical is able to offer services at all phases of design and construction. We are even able to offer post-construction general services and maintenance, should that be desired.

Our engineering and architectural team will assess every aspect of the project, and arrive at a design that takes your each and every need into account, including construction, power usage, heating, cooling, HVAC and/or refrigeration requirements, as well as budgetary requirements in the design-build contract. We also offer services of trained construction professionals, who will complete your project to code and in a timely fashion.

In the post-construction phase, we will ensure that any installed mechanical equipment, HVAC or refrigeration systems are fully functional. We can also offer maintenance and repair services after your design-build project is completed.

Call or contact us today to schedule your initial design-build consultation!