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Commercial Installation and Construction

Mechanical Installation Washington and Idaho State

Temp-Rite Mechanical is your Mechanical Services experts for all installation procedures. We have been installing HVAC equipment and Mechanical Equipment for many years for Washington and Idaho area businesses. Our Installation technicians have been trained and licensed to install all types of equipment and systems. Our engineers have also designed some of the most intricate installations which have helped processes, productivity and growth for businesses. To have Temp-Rite Mechanical design and install Mechanical Equipment for your company, call today for a free estimate at (866) 343-3046.

Mechanical Equipment Installation

Our commercial technicians have installed so many different types of HVAC and Mechanical equipment for businesses over the years. Here are some of the installations we have done for the different types of Mechanical Services that we offer:

Single story, Multi story, and Industrial installations

Energy Conservation: We strive to use high efficiency equipment in every project, this is determined by the need of the customer being Roof Top package equipment, Split systems, built-up systems and more.

  • Commercial Refrigeration: Temp-Rite has installed a lot of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, but one of our customers needed equipment that would allow temperatures that are critical for storing products. To learn more about this commercial refrigeration equipment please contact us.
  • Controls & Facility Automation: Temp-Rite created a system in which you could control the boiler, chiller, cooling tower, roof top units, make up air, and variable speed exhaust fans. This facility contained dozens of variable speed exhaust hoods and we had to control the fumes due to surrounding facilities. The controls were internet based which gave us and them flexibility to control from anywhere. To learn more about this and other controls & facility automation installations please contact us.

These Mechanical Installations are just a few examples of many different types of Mechanical Services that Temp-Rite Mechanical offers. To get more information about how Temp-Rite can design and install HVAC & Mechanical Equipment in your commercial location, call us for a free estimate at (866) 343-3046.

Temp-Rite Mechanical has the trained and licensed technicians that are necessary to install the large or small Mechanical equipment for your company. Many area businesses have used Temp-Rite Mechanical services for years, from installation of their HVAC equipment, installation of commercial refrigeration systems, or design build projects.

Contact Temp-Rite Mechanical for all your commercial HVAC & Mechanical Equipment at (866) 343-3046.